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Congratulations To Our Short Story Winners

We are delighted to announce the winners of the the 2011 Scene of the Crime Short Mystery Story Contest.

  • 1st Prize: "Blue Plate Special", by Ken Loomes
    This story had all the ingredients of a good mystery, suspenseful, fast-paced action, a main character that only a mother could love and a nice twist at the end.
  • 2nd Prize: "He's No Humanitarian But Damn Can he Throw a Punch", by Sam Wiebe
    A slice of contemporary hardboiled police fiction with a social conscience, and convincing dialogue and characters, which left us wanting more.
  • 3rd Prize: "They Gave Him the Gears", by Michael Januska
    The setting of 1920 provided a strong base for this tale of industrial intrigue and sabotage, with a clever although gruesome murder at the start.

Honourable Mention:

  • "A Matter of Choice", by Susan Mintz